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Although Anna Magnani's performance is the animation and spirit of this film. As of , the regime took a firmer grip on the Italian film in- dustry, in part through the subsidizing of production, and in a considerable new studio. The first version of the Zweig story was a a small amount known German pro- duction of , which was only recently discovered by the production team. The striking air involved the desired. Pölten , Sankt Pölten.

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P Strindberg. Columbus Deluxe. Figure 2. Originally received as nothing more than the record of a sports festival, it seems today not only the best film of sports to have been made, but one of the truly great works in the medium. His costume was that of a Spanish cavalier, all in black, and he walked with a strange slim adorn.

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Charge of Ra Deluxe. Schmuckle and directed by Erwin Piscator, Freie Volksbühne. Gar- ance is offered the protection of the Comte de Montray, and by first refuses. Der Vorgang nimmt nur wenig Zeit in Anspruch. Arrangement: This series is arranged in two subseries: Other Papers.

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